In Thoughts

Conflict usually starts in our selves.  The world has lesser mean to harm and battle among us.  But the thoughts that may subconsciously satisfy our longings got no way to set limits and disrupt our inner goodness in some way.

We perceive things according to our wants and needs.  The real value and significance of something appears just right down on how we wanted to believe and receive it on the moment of our needs.  This pattern is very common among us that we tend to ignore. It requires purity of heart, selflessness, and sincerity to our very own self in order to see things in its real value.  We usually tend to have our mind set before we open the eyes of our heart.  Nothing got deeper but the material and emotional gain that we are craving for regardless of the spiritual and social condition that waited to be damaged and even lost.  I know it sounds so ideal and the urge to work things with our selves is already a conflict in a sense.  But, once we overcome this struggle, no bigger conflict will come out to resolve.


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